Fontanot stair design – a look inside Bosco Verticale


Fontanot stair design a look inside Bosco Verticale Fontanot stair design   a look inside Bosco Verticale

Fontanot stair design a look inside Bosco Verticale 03 Fontanot stair design   a look inside Bosco Verticale

Fontanot stair design a look inside Bosco Verticale 04 Fontanot stair design   a look inside Bosco Verticale

With the International Highrise Award 2014 under its belt and an abundance of attention for its unique beauty, Milan’s ‘Bosco Verticale’ unveils its interior layout with Italian staircase designer, Fontanot, at the helm

At the heels of its win for “The Vertical Forest” as “the most beautiful and innovative highrise in the world,” Italian designer, Fontanot, is revealing its collaboration with Colombo Costruzioni with its staircases found in the skyscraper’s entrance lobbies. The lobbies, which feature large transparent surfaces that melt with exterior surfaces, has a unique scenery enveloped by the greenery of the “Giardino De Castillia,” in a typical style that celebrates Italian elegance and creativity.

For this project, Fontanot worked very closely with Coima Image, who designed the interior and stylistic aspects of the buildings. The Italian staircase designer also collaborated with architect Maurizio De Pellegrini and Hines, the developer of the entire investment project.

“This was a very notable project for us,” explains the Fontanot team, simply because it was prestigious, influential and world-renowned. Also the prize that Bosco Verticale was just awarded in December as the most beautiful skyscraper in the world, has only added to our satisfaction in having taken part in such an important project.”

The staircase designed and created for Bosco Verticale is a Fascia Special model, with lateral structures in stainless steel and a polished finish. The railing is composed of extra clear glass panels, with a stainless steel handrail on the internal side of the panels and stone treads, supplied by the client. It is 120cm wide, composed of four flights and has two landings, one of which is overhanging. The Fontanot staircase connects the lobby and a multifunctional hall and is located in Building E.

The staircase was installed at the end of December, and is currently being given the finishing touches. For Fontanot, the collaboration adds to their portfolio of prestigious contract jobs in the last year and comes at a crucial point in the history of the company. From a family-run business of handcrafted staircases to an empire in the Italian design world, Fontanot is currently building the staircase for Isozaki Tower in collaboration with Japanese Architect Arata Isozaki. The tower is set to be the tallest building in Italy when it opens its doors for World Expo in a few months. Harbouring a global vision, Fontanot has expanded their business abroad, opening a UK and US branch as well.

The Vertical Forest plan is part of a larger project called Porta Nuova, which aims to showcase innovative green solutions over a 300,000 sqm range in time for World Expo 2015. The Bosco Verticale staircase is yet another project that secures Fontanot’s foothold as a key player in innovative staircase design.

About Fontanot

Fontanot is a leading Italian staircase company known for combining their functional designs with stylish elegance. With over forty years of experience and technical expertise, Fontanot has recently launched a website in the US and UK. Their wide array of indoor and outdoor staircases are customized, durable, easy to assemble, maximize living space, and are built upon the principles of exceptional Italian quality.


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