1930s Queensland Home Renovation


Dion Seminara Architecture took on a large renovation project of the Queenslander home in Hawthorne, Brisbane. The aim was incorporating new, contemporary elements but keeping all essential Queenslander characteristics as well. The result was a dramatic blend of old and new – a highly functional Queenslander, brought to perfection.


inglis kitchen view 1930s Queensland Home Renovation
ground floor view 1930s Queensland Home Renovation front view 1930s Queensland Home Renovation rear view final 1930s Queensland Home Renovation

Although Queenslander homes were originally eco-friendly in design, their renovations usually led to a reduction in sustainability. However, this was not the case with this particular project – extensive renovations managed to increase not only the home’s functionality and design, but its sustainability as well.

The new design redefined the relation between the home’s exterior and interior, providing a greater indoor/outdoor living experience. One of the largest alterations was moving the entrance to the upper level. Now, the new entry stairs lead straight to the to the lounge/library room which is connected to the dining room and kitchen.

A spacious indoor/outdoor kitchen is certainly one of the highlights of the renovation works – providing a seamless connection to all living areas and the large rear deck space – a central entertainment area offering a magnificent view of the city.

The master bedroom was moved to the northern area as a multi workstation office with a private powder room has taken its former place. The wine cellar, children’s and guest bedrooms are now situated on a lower level. Also, the TV room and playroom exit to the beautiful lower terrace and swimming pool area.

The overall design maximized the energy efficiency of the home, increasing the inflow of natural light and protection from overheating with the help of deep verandas and overhangs. The eco-friendly approach is also reflected in the use of sustainable materials, enhanced insulation properties and ventilation.



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